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Introducing a revolutionary breakthrough in search engine technology... brings extremely fast relational very large database (VLDB) technology to the Web, providing TREMENDOUS RELEVANCY to the User for the WHOLE WEB, at an EXTREMELY LOW TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP.

This Web site is specifically designed to introduce and demo some of the basic capabilities of the search engine and is only a foretaste of things to come.  The primary purposes are to:

Showcase some of the capabilities of the underlying extremely fast relational VLDB technology as it relates to the search engine,
Highlight the radically different approaches being taken, and
Pass on information about work in progress.
What are people saying about

"Illuminata is enormously impressed with both Thunderbolt and the design."

"...the capabilities of the DBMS technology and the opportunities for the search engine are exciting and compelling."

The Company Behind Thunderbolt:

"The time is right for such an endeavor, and has grasped a handful of highly relevant technologies for solving the underlying technical problems. We are impressed with's technical approach."

"Beyond the basic find-words-on-the-Web problem there are many related sub-problems, but the team has clearly thought many of these through, and is working to implement solutions."

11/21/99, Jonathan Eunice, Analyst and IT Advisor, Illuminata.

" is an up and coming technology to watch. It promotes the use of its very large database technology as a way to build much larger Web search engines, update them more frequently, and offer better relevance. I have seen a demonstration of the technology which looks promising, but it is not yet available in any version that searchers can use."

The Search Engine Showdown Online Newsletter
Dec. 8, 1999 Vol. 1 No. 7
By Greg R. Notess, Search Engine Showdown

" a quick demonstration, the refining features seemed to narrow a search quickly, and reduced time spent wading through hundreds of returns."

PC World News: The WholeWeb in Your Hands
Dec. 17, 1999

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